Instander APK v18.0 Download Latest for Android 2024

App Name Instander APK
Publisher InstagramPro
Size 54.6 MB
Latest Version v18.0
Required 5.0 +
MOD Info For Android
Genre Social
Developer Instander
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Last Update 8 hours ago
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Table of Contents

1.Instander APK

2.What Is Instander APK?

3.How To Use Instander APK?

4.Features of Instander APK 2024

  • Download Videos and Pictures

  • Choose Your Close Friends

  • Hide And Seek Stories

  • Specific Message Reply

5.How To Download Instander APK V18.0 Latest Version?

6.Instander APK Web/PC Download

7.How To Install Instander APK for Android?



Instander APK

Are you interested in making your Instagram vary in an attractive way from the normal version? Then the instander apk is for you. If you are like most people using the same original IG app waiting for Instagram to upgrade its features and provide a downloader then let us tell you that you are wasting your time. You can now save your time and grab this instander apk which already comes with these features you are looking for so long.

What Is Instander APK?

Instander APK is a mod form that permits you to set any Instagram tone you like from blue, red, green, and different varieties. You can moreover get to the Lock Pin and add a multi-shaded bio to your application. You can likewise change the settings to conceal your record of preferences remarks, stories sees, and so forth from the security settings. You can download these Instander stories with no issue on the two IOS and Android. Its most recent adaptation is likewise accessible at this point.

How To Use Instander APK?

Instander apk is simple and you will have ease of use once you get a hang of it. It will only take one or two days to fully understand the app after that you will be a pro at using the app. If you compare its use to the original IG then you will find that the instander apk is almost similar. Just the feature of the downloader, Hidden services, Music download, etc is what you need to learn. You can change the settings relating to privacy from Settings > Security >Privacy. If you want to change the theme then Settings > Custom > Themes.

Features of Instander APK 2024

Download Videos and Pictures

We have made a list of important Instander APK features which you can read below:

Choose Your Close Friends

Are you like many people addicted to watching memes and vines to spend your free time? Then this feature is for you. You can install pictures and videos from the instander apk and view them any time you like. You can save these memes and vines to watch later when you feel down or you can use them to make your friends laugh as well.

Hide And Seek Stories

If you have a lot of followers and you share memes and videos with only a few close friends then you need this feature through which you can quickly send things to a group of your close friends. You can even post stories on instander which are only for close friends to see while all others will be blocked from seeing them.

Specific Message Reply

Did you know you can play hide and seek on Instagram too now? Yes, you can do that with Instander apk as it will allow you to hide your stories or posts from a few people while all others can seek them. This is a great way to stay mysterious to a few people while you are open to your close friends and family.

How To Download Instander APK V18.0 Latest Version?

To download the Instander APK for Android you need to first install all similar apps of Instagram Pro from your device.

  • There is a ‘download the Instander APK‘ box on this web page, you have to then find it and tap it.
  • The download for the Instander APK version will begin.
  • Once the download finishes, Open your cellphone Setting menu then the Security Settings.
  • Now, Select ‘Allow Access to Unknown Sources’ or give the Instander APK version free download access.
  • Open the Instander APK file from the Files folder and start using the app.

Instander APK Web/PC Download

You can download the Instander APK on a Windows PC with the following simple steps:

  • Go to your #1 search browser and find a trustworthy website offering a free download of the Bluestacks program. Download it from here.
  • Once the download completes, open it.
  • Now search for the ‘Instander APK’ and press the Enter key from your keyboard.
  • There will be a list of apps appearing, click on the Instander app from all others.
  • Now click on the 'install now’ Option to install it.

How To Install Instander APK for Android?

To introduce this application, you got to erase some other mods of insta on your android and allow access from obscure sources from Settings.

  • After you have enabled these settings, select the instander icon from Files.
  • The apk will open with a pop-up asking for install permission for Instander APK.
  • Click install now.
  • Upon installation, its icon will appear on your device with other apps.
  • Now you can enjoy the app.

Let us now conclude the whole Instander APK article below:


Don't wait anymore and grab this instander apk which already comes with the features you are looking for so long. You can change the settings relating to privacy from Settings > Security >Privacy. It is that easy. You can install pictures and videos from instander apk and view them while you stay mysterious to people. You can keep this mystery while you stay open to your close friends and family with the close friend feature of instander.

The most frequently asked questions by the users of Instander APK are as follows:


Is the Instander app safe to use?

Yes, the instander is safe to use and take care of.

Is instander apk available for iOS?

Yes, there is an iOS version of this app called Instander iOS.

How to open APK files on Android?

You can open the apk files on your Android by searching for them in the Files folder. If you can't find them with their proper name then try searching with 'Mod Apk' or just 'APK file'.

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